Oaklawn has a designated area to host your special day. On our initial 10 acres surrounding the historic Mansion, we have a beautiful meticulously manicured landscape


Most people opt to hold their nuptials out by our Gazebo which has access to both power and water. The area has a breathtaking view of the property including a 4-acre pond with a dock and lighted fountain. We are open to your vision and are willing to work with you to customize your special day. Currently, it will be the responsibility of your wedding/event planner to arrange for all of your rentals/needs other than the actual property. Pictures can be taken in other areas if previously discussed and permitted.


The pricing of the property for a wedding Starts at $5000*

There are a few variables that would affect the final price:

  • – Number of guests
  • – Time and day needed
  • – Weekdays/weekends
  • – Seasonality

The fee structure is based on the number of guests invited:

  • $100 p/p based on 50 people or less ($5000* minimum)
  • $80 p/p based on 51-100 people
  • $75 p/p based on 101-150 people
  • $65 p/p based on 151-300

These prices are an example and are subject to change

* Open to negotiation and or a discussion to fine tune pricing based on your needs